I'm a certified
AWS Cloud Expert

Secure your data, scale your business and save money on your cloud platform.

“When you call me, you won't get a sales person. You get the most experienced senior engineer in the company.”

At Your Service


Review and optimize your AWS security, encryption and identity management.


Architect and deploy scalable cloud infrastructure with native AWS services.


Migrate on-premise services to secure, scalable cloud infrastructure.


Automate deployment and manage infrastructure as code.


Reduce the cost of mass storage and databases.


Ensure availability of your systems and automate disaster recovery.

Performance Tuning

Optimize performance, identify bottlenecks and design for scalability.

Cost Management

Review your architecture to optimize costs for your service level.

About Me, Cris Merritt

  • Based in New York, NY, USA
  • Decades of experience
  • Work for clients anywhere
AWS Certified Solutions Architect

As an independent AWS-certified cloud architect I can help your business:

  • Plan your cloud strategy
  • Find and fix existing security vulnerabilities
  • Reduce cloud spending
  • Design and deploy secure, scalable cloud infrastuture

Most of my clients are smaller or medium businesses, so I see a lot of environments in transition. Often companies slide into consuming cloud resources in a not-so strategic way, starting with a little project, then another, etc., and it can get out of hand with spending too much, as well as security issues. Amazon/Azure/Google all encourage this sort of “infrastructure creep”; it serves them very well.

Typically, I first take a high-level view of where you stand, whether you are planning to transition services to a cloud platform or already in it, and identify low-hanging fruit to save money, bolt down security, and automate common tasks. My initial consultation is FREE, and I strive to give you valuable insight with no obligation in our very first call. For the longer term, I design and document a roadmap to accommodate your business’ growth, in which the underlying cloud infrastructure will not slow down or break down over time.

With me, there’s never a sales person trying to up-sell you services and I don’t delegate your work to a junior engineer. I work with you personally and take personal responsibility for everything I do. I document and check everything I do into your Git repo, so you have it forever, and you can always share it with your team or other service providers. I tend to get involved for a few weeks to a few months to realize a concrete deliverable, then stay involved on an as-needed basis for support. Cost-wise, I can guarantee that my services will be less expensive than a big consultancy, and also less expensive than a full-time in-house cloud architect. Geographically, I live in NYC and work from my own office, while on-site time for kick-offs and checkpoints is possible. I time-track everything I do, and am normally available on a video call within an hour or two.

With decades of experience in security, infrastructure, development and operations, you can count on me to provide straight and pragmatic advice, solve high-priority problems promptly and deliver quality.

Top references from current satisfied customers are available.

Hands-on with Lambda, Serverless, Kubernetes, ECS, EC2, Python, Javascript, Ansible, IAM, autoscaling, load balancing, VPC networking, CloudFormation, Terraform, RDS, DynamoDB, Docker, Java, Linux and much more.

Recent project examples:

  • Kubernetes infrastructure for smart laboratory instruments
  • Serverless architecture for an IOT application
  • API integration with a major energy provider
  • AWS autoscaling and devops for a hotel management platform
  • Technical architecture for clinical trials data for an international pharma company
  • AWS cost analysis and 50% cost reduction for an energy trading platform

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